Ibilola Amao

Principal Consultant
Lonadek Inc
For many in the Gulf of Guinea oil industry, Dr Ibilola Amao’s name is synonymous with capacity, capability and competence development, not only for the Corporates and Governement, but the youngs ones through the Vision 2020 She has a first degree was in Civil and Structural Engineering and a doctorate in Computer Aided Design and Drafting, specialising in oil and gas facilities. On completing my PhD in 1988, she worked in the UK briefly, returning to Nigeria in 1991. During NYSC, she worked for a short time as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Lagos and at Trevi Foundations before joining National Engineering and Technical Company (NETCO) in 1992 as a CADD consultant. In 2003 Dr Amao left NETCO as the in-house CADD Consultant on Oil & Gas Engineering Projects, to re-establish Lonadek, as an independent local content development focused organisation. “Our goal is to build the capacity of Nigerians, Nigerian companies, businesses and vendors to make them more competent and capable to provide quality goods and services in the oil and gas industry”, she says.  Lonadek is a multi-award winning firm that has maintained her ISO 9001:2008 certification since 2010, with operations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.